Event recap
20 March 2024G-Star Raw Headquarters, Amsterdam

Uniting for sustainability: A day of insight, innovation, and inspiration

The Community Forum - March 2024 marked a significant moment for the companies in C2C Certified® Community, offering an unparalleled and exclusive opportunity to delve into the themes of design, data, and digitalization, which stand at the forefront of our mission towards a circular economy.
Hosted by C2CPII
Circular Economy
Uniting for sustainability: A day of insight, innovation, and inspiration

What we’ve learned

The forum commenced with a warm welcome, setting the stage for a day rich in knowledge sharing and collaborative discovery.

A Convergence of Minds and Missions

Rebecka Sancho, Head of Sustainability at G-Star RAW, shared invaluable insights, emphasizing the role of sustainable practices in shaping the future of the fashion industry and beyond.

Elwyn Grainger-Jones, our Executive Director, held an open conversation with the audience about the Institute's ambition to scale impact through data and digitalization. The conversation laid the groundwork for the day's discussions, highlighting the critical importance of integrating digital solutions in amplifying the program's reach and effectiveness.

Opening presentation of the C2CPII's Executive Director, Elwyn Grainger-Jones

Engaging the Community: Workshops, Discussions, and Networking

The agenda featured a panel discussion with experts Hein van Tuijl (EMEA), Eric Allodi (UPCYCLEA), Jeanet van der Stoel (GS1) and Semora Mangnoesing (EON), who delved into the intricacies of design, data, and digitalization. Their diverse perspectives provided a rich tapestry of knowledge, sparking lively debate and forward-thinking dialogue among attendees.

Deep Dives and Sector-Specific Insights

The breakout session enabled companies from the same sector to interact and exchange views on the Cradle to Cradle Certified® framework as an evolving solution for improving circularity and transparency within their industry. Participants were introduced to the V4.0 Circularity Data Report and Cycling Instructions, designed to gather information on circular sourcing, circular design, circular systems and cycling instructions. This report contains valuable circularity data that companies must make public with their certification to promote transparency and help consumers and end-users obtain more accurate information on what is the product made of and where to return the product at the end of its life.  

Participants exchanged ideas on the data that is essential to disclose in their sector in order to improve the report and measure and improve the circularity of their products. These sessions provided an opportunity to exchange views on how this report is designed, and will enable the institute to make the necessary modifications to the report that will be released with V4.1, with the aim of stimulating innovation in product design and manufacture, thus promoting wider adoption of circular economy principles.

A Toast to Progress and Partnership

The forum closed on a high note with a session of closure & drinks, providing a relaxed setting for reflection, networking, and the strengthening of community bonds. This moment of team spirit underscored the shared commitment to driving meaningful change in our industries and beyond.

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