Aluminium Interior Accessories and Wardrobe Systems

Hermeta Metaalwaren B.V.
Silver Version 3.1Silver Version 3.1
Certification Number5808
Valid until:08 August, 2024
Product Description

A collection of building and furniture fittings, hardware, interior accessories, and wardrobe systems made from aluminum. Components are available in a range of products and dimensions and colours.

This certificate covers the following products:
Aluminium products being Interior Accessories & Wardrobe Systems produced in the facilities of Hermeta Asperen, the Netherlands. Products fully originating from in situ moulding (Aluminium Al-45, Al-241, Al-231) and/or from extruded profiles (Aluminium Al6060, Al6063, Al6005A, Al6082).
Products can be anodised in a few colours or powder-coated in various RAL-colours. Products may include: (socket) screws of non-coated and IPEX or Pool-fix coated steel C1022, plastic rings, lids, buffers or plugs (PA-6, EPDM 70 shore black).
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