10 Mar, 2024

New initiatives driving large-scale market transformation with Bente Bauer, Natasha Franck & Nora Rizzo

What’s coming up in the digital space, legislation, and ESG reporting? In this panel conversation featuring Natasha Franck (Founder and CEO of EON), Bente Bauer (Co-Founder of 2BPolicy) and Nora Rizzo (Ethical Materials Director at Grace Farms Foundation leading Design for Freedom by Grace Farms), the new initiatives driving large-scale market transformation are discussed. This includes the use of digital product passports, policy integration, and a focus on social equity in supply chains, all aimed to increase traceability, transparency, and sustainability across industries.

As part of our Circular Shift Series we are sharing 9 sessions led by leaders and experts across sectors, recorded during our Circular Shift 2023 event in New York City. We united some of industry’s best known leaders in a tangible exploration of approaches and strategies to innovate for a circular future, featuring a diverse program of both inspirational and interactive sessions. Gain fresh insights into the latest practices and innovations powered by the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program across different sectors, including the built environment, furniture, fashion, textiles, cosmetics and personal care.

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