Lucie Ladigue

Business & Policy Specialist

Lucie Ladigue

With a background in reusable products, plastic waste and clean water, Lucie is passionately committed to positive change and is looking to make a sustainable impact on the planet.

As Program Associate, Lucie plays a vital role in supporting both research and stakeholder engagement at the Institute. Her research work focuses on the topics of circular economy and sustainability practices across all sectors, as well as current market trends and policy developments. In addition to her analysis and presentation responsibilities, Lucie also manages relationships with select companies from our community. 

Previously, Lucie worked for nearly four years for the Join the Pipe Foundation tackling the problem of plastic waste in developed and developing countries, and to improve health and hygiene conditions in Africa through access to clean water. 

Lucie holds a Master in International Management from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a double Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Foreign Languages from the Université de Lyon and the University of Birmingham.

Email: [email protected]

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