Christian Aage Lundsgaard

Project Manager for Sustainability & Product Development at Troldtekt A/S

Christian Aage Lundsgaard is Project Manager for Sustainability & Product Development at Troldtekt A/S, manufacturer of cement bonded wood wool acoustic panels for the building industry. He is responsible for documenting sustainability of Troldtekt’s products, i.e., through a Cradle to Cradle certification, as well as leading R&D projects to improve sustainability and circularity of the products.

Christian’s 20+ years of experience covers both large global companies and small/medium sized companies in Denmark. He is experienced in product design, engineering, material selection and project management, as well as a range of topics related to designing for sustainability: systems thinking, lifecycle assessments, biomimicry, sustainability certification schemes, design for disassembly and much more. 

Christian has a background within design and development of building products, wind turbines and health care equipment for hospitals. Since 2015 he has combined the areas of product development and sustainability by working as a consultant for both small and large companies as well as public institutions such as the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The work has been centered around reducing embodied carbon emissions through sustainable design and business models and through designing products for the circular economy. Christian regularly gives presentations/lectures on the topic of product design for sustainability and circularity, within the company, with its customers or at events across the industry.

Christian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Via University College, Denmark and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Design from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the US.