USM Kitos M

USM U. Schaerer Soehne AG
Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze v3.1
Certification Number5742
Valid until:12 June, 2024
Product description

The mechanical height adjustment system used in the USM Kitos M Table permits standing or sitting work, and allows the table to be adapted to the personal requirements of its users. These features are designed to make the USM Kitos M Table suited for desk sharing and hot seeking. The patented mechanical height-adjustment system is designed to ensure stability, even at the maximum height setting. The spring loading of the height-adjustment system can be adapted to match the load on the table and is designed to suit individual user requirements.

This certificate covers
USM Kitos M; metals, coated colors, desk wood.
Filed under

12 00 00 - Furnishings12 50 00 - Furniture

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Antonio Cassani
[email protected]
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