Knauf Ceiling Solutions Suspension System & Accessories

Knauf Ceiling Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Silver Version 3.1
Certification Number5099
Valid until:05 October, 2023
Product Description

Knauf Ceiling Solutions offer a comprehensive range of standard and designer suspension grid solutions (Prelude, Donn & Ventatec), available in a variety of colours and materials to meet the requirements of modern building concepts. Designed to not only coordinate with Knauf Ceiling Solutions complete ceilings material portfolio (mineral, metal, mesh, wood or wood wool), they also integrate with all types of building service elements such as lighting and HVAC.

This certificate covers the following products:
- DONN DX24, DONN DX3- 24, DONN DX15, DONN DX24 KB, DONN DX35, DONN Espace, DONN DP Bandraster, DONN Perimeters
- Prelude 24, Prelude 24 Sixty², Prelude 15, Prelude 35, Prelude 24 CR, Prelude 24 NT+, Prelude 24 System S+, Prelude Bandraster, Prelude Perimeters
- VENTATEC Performance T24, VENTATEC Performance T24 HIGH, VENTATEC Performance T15 HIGH, VENTATEC Perimeters
- Meridian, Rapid’Fix, VIC, Concealed grid, Accessories

Manufaturing Facilities: Dreux, Grafenau, Valenciennes
Company Contact

Maximilian Seibold
[email protected]
+49 8552 422 395
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