Hard Burnt Paving Bricks

Steffen Sten ApS
Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze v3.1
Certification Number5627
Valid until:09 August, 2024
Product description

The paving bricks come in a large variety of colors, some burnt with cole sprinkled in the oven during the burning process.

This certificate covers
Steffen Sten Hard Burnt Paving Tiles in eight different paving tile types: Bornholm/Søndervig, Odense, Manchester, Chicago/Atlanta, Elba, Solera, Malmö, Gotland which are different in colors. Each of these tiles comes in 16 different size variations in length, width and height ranging from length 200 - 300 mm, width 50 to 105 mm and height 40 -72 mm.

This certification is considered provisional pending completion of the manufacturing facility site visit, which was postponed due to global travel restrictions.

Please see the List of Certified Products (available on the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Registry) for all products covered within this certificate.
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Helle Steffen
[email protected]
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