Aluminium Door Furniture

Silver Version 3.1Silver Version 3.1
Certification Number5481
Valid until:21 January, 2024
Product Description

Aluminium Door Furniture is available in multiple dimensions and in the colours natural aluminium (standard), IROX (stainless steel look), black and champagne. The products are suitable to apply on wooden, aluminium and plastic doors and are designed for high-grade recycling. The products can be divided into three groups: • Security Handle Sets: high-graded aluminium door furniture provided with burglary prevention. Possibility to add a spring-loaded door handle to improve the life time. • Handle Sets For Interior Doors: high-graded aluminium door furniture suitable for all doors. Possibility to add a spring-loaded door handle to improve the life time. • Handle Sets for turn-tilt Windows: high-graded aluminium window Handle sets for all turn-tilt windows. Optionally with burglary prevention. • Letter Plates: high-graded aluminium letter plate that protects the letter box slot and high-graded aluminium letter plate with excellent isolation capabilities for an improved indoor climate. Powder coating finish possible on all above mentioned articles.

This certificate covers the following products:
Security Handle Sets, Interior Doors Handle Sets, Letter Plates, Window turn-tilt handles. Please see the List of Certified Products for all products covered within the scope of this certificate. Note that these different products have a variety in size and form.
Certificate does not cover installation accessories.
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