Perlifoc HP Eco+

Perlita y Vermiculita SLU (Grupo PV)
Silver V3.1
Certification Number4899
Valid until:12 Jul, 2023
Product Description

Perlifoc HP Eco+ is a gypsum based fire resistant and ecologic mortar with thermal insulation properties for passive fire protection in structural elements. The mortar presents a low density which makes it a high performance mortar. Perlifoc HP Eco+ mortar is used for the passive fire protection in case of steel structural elements, concrete elements, mixed slabs concrete-steel sheet fire and wall partition system. Perlifoc HP Eco+ is composed of lightweight aggregates and expanded materials, hydraulic binders, setting retarders and additives to improve mechanical application. It does not contain asbestos.

This certificate covers the following products:
Perlifoc HP Eco+
Company Contact

Pedro Cabezuelo
[email protected]
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