08 Mar, 2024

Legislation driving the circular shift with Anna Kelles

Anna Kelles of the New York State Assembly shares insights on the ways the circular economy is shaping U.S legislation and New York's Fashion Act. As the lead sponsor of the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act, she explains how this legislation will require fashion sellers to be accountable to standardized environmental and social due diligence policies. Anna is a champion of climate change solutions, natural resource preservation, criminal justice reforms, and housing affordability and accessibility, representing the 125th District in the New York Assembly.

As part of our Circular Shift Series we are sharing 9 sessions led by leaders and experts across sectors, recorded during our Circular Shift 2023 event in New York City. We united some of industry’s best known leaders in a tangible exploration of approaches and strategies to innovate for a circular future, featuring a diverse program of both inspirational and interactive sessions. Gain fresh insights into the latest practices and innovations powered by the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program across different sectors, including the built environment, furniture, fashion, textiles, cosmetics and personal care.

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