Mauricio R. Durand

Marketing & Communications Assistant

Mauricio R. Durand

Originating from the vibrant city of Lima, Peru, Mauricio emerges as a dynamic force, seamlessly integrating a rich international perspective with robust business acumen. In his new role as Marketing & Communications Assistant at the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute's Amsterdam branch, Mauricio's strategic foresight takes the lead, steering event organization and overseeing trademark management within the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Community.

Mauricio's professional journey weaves a diverse tapestry, navigating various industries, from financial institutions and academic organizations to the dynamic startup community. This eclectic experience has honed his skills, providing a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted modern business landscape.

As a seasoned business professional with international exposure, Mauricio excels in team leadership, employing an empathetic approach and a results-oriented mindset. His marketing and business development expertise were evident at Sparkloft Media Marketing Agency, where he served as an Assistant and Community Manager for Eurowings and Brand USA, expanding the business through proactive client outreach and impactful introductions. While working in Swappie, Mauricio further enhanced his customer service proficiency and logistical coordination skills across European markets, showcasing his enthusiasm for continual learning and strong analytical capabilities. His recent role as an office manager for various firms in Rotterdam and Amsterdam has equipped him with extensive experience across a diverse range of Dutch companies.

Mauricio holds a Bachelor's degree in Media and Communications with a minor in Development Studies from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima. Complementing this, he earned a Master's in Journalism with a specialized track in Strategic Communications from the esteemed Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Email: [email protected]

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