PPG iSense® Gloss overvarnish for beverage cans - PPG3805803

Silver Version 3.1
Certification Number5084
Valid until:25 May, 2024
Product Description

The gloss exterior overvarnish for all beverage can shapes and sizes is designed to provide appearance, mobility, abrasion resistance, and protection.

This certificate covers the following products:
PPG iSense® Gloss overvarnish for beverage cans - PPG3805803

This product is intended for use as a material input to a finished product. The results of the assessment for this certification are only valid with verification that human and environmental exposure is sufficiently controlled at the finished product manufacturing facilities. This requires a manufacturing site visit at the applicable facilities.

This intermediate product was assessed exclusively for application by professional can manufacturers employing fully closed and sealed transport, manufacturing lines, and/or dosing systems to protect workers from sensitization, irritation, inhalation and oral toxicity of substances. The requirements for certification have only been met under these conditions.
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