Ready-Mix Concrete C.C.B.

Compagnie des Ciments Belges SA
Silver Version 3.1
Certification Number5519
Valid until:11 Jun, 2023
Product Description

Concrete is a multi-faceted building material composed of cement, aggregates, water and admixtures.

This certificate covers the following products:
This certificate covers the following Ready-Mix concrete products manufactured in Belgium in Brussels and Ghislenghien, and in Noyelles-lès-Seclin, France.

C-Agri, C-Build, C-Road, C-Polidal, C-Décor, C-Pile, C-Light, C-Tech, C-Green

This certification is considered provisional pending completion of the manufacturing facility site visit, which was postponed due to global travel restrictions.
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Marie-Sophie Foucart
[email protected]
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