Sean Ansett

Senior Director, Sustainability at John Paul Mitchell Systems

Sean is the Senior Director, Sustainability at John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) responsible for leading sustainability across the business. He was a co-founding team member and Chief Sustainability Officer at Fairphone, Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Head of Supplier Responsibility at Apple, Cupertino, CA and the Director of Corporate Responsibility at Burberry in London where he was responsible for ethical trade, environmental sustainability and community investment programs. Sean was also the Director of Global Partnerships at Gap Inc. where he led Gap Inc.’s social responsibility and stakeholder engagement strategy related to labor, environmental and human rights issues. He was the chief architect behind the company’s stakeholder engagement strategy significantly enhanced the company’s reputation and impact and formally the Executive Director of the Bangladesh Safety Accord.  

Additionally, Sean is a Senior Associate and Tutor at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Chairman of the Board Liberty & Justice Clothing, Advisory Board Member at Nest and a member of the Guild of Future Architects. Sean is also a returned United States Peace Corps and World Food Program volunteer. Sean has a Master Degree in Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge, Wolfson College and a Master of Science degree in Business Administration. He is fluent in Spanish.