Rewind® FLAT, Rewind® DILOUR and Rewind® RIB

BFS Europe NV
Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver v3.1
Certification Number6119
Valid until:06 February, 2024
Product description

Rewind® is a latex-free, 100% polypropylene-based event carpet. It is designed to be converted back into a pure mono-recyclate after its use.

This certificate covers
Rewind® FLAT and Rewind® DILOUR are two different variations of a polypropylene based event carpet. Rewind® FLAT is available in 30 different colours, Rewind® DILOUR is available in 14 different colours, and Rewind® RIB is available in 29 different colours. The different colour variations of Rewind® FLAT and Rewind® DILOUR are available in different widths, some of them being custom-made on demand.

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Wim Van Den Hende
[email protected]
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